Building A Sustainable Future

The first'Sythetic Micro and Macro Reinforcement Systems' producer in Turkey!


By 2050, nine billion people will live on this planet in which three-quarters will be living in cities. The increasing urbanization of the population will requiere new concepts for housing and construction. For over 15 years, we have worked closely with industry stakeholders to enable sustainable construction projects - so that structures can be more durable and require fewer resouces for maintenance.

We offer innovative solutions that add value to our customers and help them grow their business. That is what makes us better together.

We believe that long-term business relationships can only be sustained by a commitment to provide the highest quality products and services and by adding long term value to our customers’ business. The achievement of these objectives is directly linked to our ability to deliver creative and cost-effective solutions to our customers, designed to assist them in meeting their business goals safely.

Polyfibers® has transformed and revolutionized its products by combining space-age synthetic materials with unique designs and shapes. We now supply the international construction market with reinforcement fiber products that minimize cracking, improve material performance and add long-term durability in a wide variety of concrete and other applications.

Since 2001, products, services and people of Polyfibers® have played an important role in the design, construction and preservation of enduring roads, bridges and buildings around the globe. Through an ongoing commitment to research and development, Polyfibers® will continue to envision and construct the future of fibers.

 As being the first 'Micro-Reinforcement Systems' producer in Turkey, at our CE, ISO 9001: 2001 and ISO 14001 certified manufacturing facilities we serve the world market. With a constant commitment to R&D, we as Polyfibers team, will continue to imagine and build on the future of fiber.