Students Met Construction Chemicals Industry Professionals

Students Met Construction Chemicals Industry Professionals

Building Materials Manufacturers' Association in collaboration with Akdeniz University and supported by Turkish Cement Manufacturers’ Association has brought together industry professionals and students in 'Concrete and Concrete Components Seminar'. The seminar was held online due to Covid-19 measures.

YUF (Building Materials Manufacturers' Association) continues to scale industry activities with from a corporate responsibility point and organizes effective events. To support this initiative YUF organizes 'Concrete and Concrete Components Seminar' each year in collaboration with universities. Industry professionals and students find the opportunity for discussion in these seminars.

This years 'Conrete and Concrete Compounds Seminar' has been held on November 3rd in collaboration with Akdeniz University. On the online event civil engineering and architecture students got the oppurtunity to learn more about new technologies, industry numbers, manufacturing processes and various applications in Turkey and around the world.

Seminar was hosted by Akdeniz University, Civil Engineering department and METU Civil Engineering Faculty associate Prof. Dr. Özgür Yaman moderated the event.

Istanbul Arel Universit,y Head of the Architecture Department, Didem Baş, who was a guest speaker at the seminar, shared "Inspiring Concrete Architecture" where she elaborates the approach of architecture to shaping materialsin its own language. Baş talked about the revolutionary effect of concrete building products and reinforced concrete carrier system in architecture, and presented examples of the works of three leading architects from different geographies and Behruz Çinici from Turkey.

During the seminar, students had the chance to ask questions to industry professionals.

Following the eartquake in İzmir, seminar focused on the importance of correct concrete applications and quest participants from YUF members AGÜB, KÜB, KİSAD, TÇMB and TPB shared their perspectives. In the seminar, the concrete and concrete components used in buildings and the lime material used in mortars and floor improvement were discussed in terms of their technical aspects, while it was emphasized that cement and concrete have a wider use outside of buildings.

Prof. Dr. Özgür Yaman, METU Civil Engineering Department associate and TÇMB technical advisor presented 'Technological Improvements in Cement, Concrete and Concrete Roads'. He has mentioned that 'with its inorganic structure concrete has proven to be a long-lasting material and that is actually why it has been widely preferred in developed countries'.

THBB Mechanics Laboratory Manager, Civil Engineer Cenk Kılıç also a member of Turkey Ready-Mixed Concrete Association, presented 'Ready-mixed Concrete Production and Concrete Applications'. Kılı stated that as THBB they regularly provide information on earthquake durable buildings and ready-mixed concrete applications notj to their members and concrete users. 'We are also working on THBB Earthquake Performance Report. Our new equipment in our laboratories, supported by Istanbul Development Agency, has been acredited as an R&D laboratory and started providing 'Earthquake Performance Report'. Anyone curious about the earthquake durability of their building, home owners, building managers, engineering offices, municipalities and state agencies can request detailed reports. In addition to measuring durability of existing buildings to earthquake we also can identify service life of each building.' he added.

Representing Construction Additive Association (KÜB) Okan Özçelik and Faraz Malik presented, 'Concrete Components and Fibers'. Özçelik stated that fibers have been used to strenghten building structure and increase performance throughout history. And today still fibers are widely used in the contruction industry to improve building performance. Fibers improves service life and performance of various structures from iconic buildings to concrete roads.Construction chemicals, adhering to TS EN 934-2 standards will enable to construct sustainable, long lasting and earthquake durable buildings.

Faraz Malik added 'As KÜB, we will continue to support the production of concrete and mortar chemicals and synthetic fiber reinforcement meeting global quality standards which in turn would structure the productivity of the industry as well.

Use of Synthetic Fibers at Industrial Floor Applications Video
As being the fist concrete reinforcement sythetic fiber producer in Turkey we continue to support the industry growth.

We have prepared a training video in collaboration with Turkey Ready-Mixed Concrete Association on Use of Synthetic Fibers at Industrial Floor Applications video.

Video focuses on use of macro synthetic fibers within concrete and how service life is improved compared to use to traditional mesh.

As ready-mixed concrete has widely been used in various applications, R&D work has started to be carried out for more environmentally friendly, cost effective and fast to apply alternatives. One of the technologies that has resulted from these R&D developments is the use of synthetic macro fibers to improve endurance and service life of concrete.

Widely used in different countries, macro fibers are also now on the focus of the Turkish industry thanks to R&D efforts of local companies and engineers. Now also in Turkey macro fibers are widely used in large scale construction projects due to many adventages.

Synthetic fibers, with their unique design and high strength, minimizes crack formation, improves concrete performance and increases service life of concrete.

You can watch the video from the link below;